Break Bread with Your Client

Maybe it’s time to send out another cleaver marketing piece or email to try and get some more work in the door.  Maybe you can send a personal email to one of your long-standing clients just to touch base.

Here’s another idea: pick up the phone, call your client or prospect, and meet with them face-to-face.  Do you know what challenges they are facing?  If you haven’t met with them recently, then the answer is likely no.

Don’t put that call off until tomorrow and don’t delegate it; you make the appointment. Imagine finally getting up the gumption to call that old client…next week…and they say, “I wished you would have called me last week, I just gave your competitor that work…I didn’t know you did that.”

I’m all for consistent marketing but nothing takes the place of meeting with your client over coffee, breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

With whom do you need to break bread?

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