The Birth and Death of an Idea

Got a new idea? 

Grab that new idea and assign it a number, get the correct form completed (in triplicate) and get it into the system. Once it’s in the system, you can hold a series of meetings and talk about the potential upside of the new idea and the potential pitfalls of the new idea. 

Once it’s through the initial committee, create a spreadsheet and rank the idea according to its merit and how it may be perceived.  Test this new idea with a focus group and bring it back to committee to get a quantitative assessment against industry benchmarks.

…if it looks good and you have management buy in then maybe the idea to order nonfat creamer will be a go in the coffee room.

A little tongue in cheek…but really how many simple ideas get bogged down by a bureaucratic process?  How many tasks that should be simply delegated get caught up on senior management’s desk?

Ideas and new ideas in particular, are the life blood of any small company.  Don’t let these ideas, small or large, get gummed up or for that matter changed so much that it just looks like…an old idea.

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