Which is better, your hype or your service?

Everyone wants to create “buzz” about their company.  How can I be the next internet sensation, how can I get people to spread the gospel of my product or service?

And with a myriad of on line tools from web design to social media, we have the ultimate buzz platform at our fingertips. Given the right tools, the right issue of the moment, and a a fair bit of good favor, you might be fortunate to create some noise about your incredible product or service…but…it cuts both ways.

Let’s say you found that right cyber formula and you blog, tweet, and YouTube yourself to the top of the search gods and you are now “The Company” everyone wants. You’ve arrived and can bask in the glory of your new found fame.  But…now the rubber meets the road, it’s time to deliver that sensitized product or service.  What if your company just isn’t as advertised?  What if you are just so-so, or worse, you just plain stink!  Now you have a new buzz about your company…a buzz that stings.

Getting the marketing cart before the service/product horse can be fatal.  When you begin by delivering exceptional service/products, consistently, you have the real platform for success.  

Can you stumble upon the right formula for creating buzz?  Maybe – but more often than not it requires a well-f0cused effort.  Can you stumble upon the right formula for delivering the “to die for product or service?”  Not too likely, it requires a plan, hard work, and sacrifice.  

Get your product and service in order first and then you have something to shout about from the rooftops or whatever your platform.

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