It’s not any one thing…it’s everything

Sales and Marketing can be challenging and downright discouraging.  After all…

  • The direct mail piece didn’t solicit one phone call.
  • The email marketing only resulted in three “unsubscribe” notices.
  • The networking event didn’t provide any potential leads.
  • The seminar was only marginally attended.
  • The white paper had only a few takers.
  • The advertisement looks nice, but what will it really do for my business?
  • The last sales call was just uncomfortable…

 But if you didn’t do this could you have said…

  • My client held on to that direct mail piece and called me three months later.
  • The email marketing was forwarded to a prospect who wanted more information.
  • I added five new names to my database from the networking event.
  • The material from my seminar was placed on my website and now it’s showing up in searches.  
  • My White Paper prompted an industry publication to call me to write for them.
  • My advertisement gave me name recognition and help open doors with the new prospect.
  • The last sales call may have been uncomfortable, but I know something more about that industry and I have some new ideas for products that are needed.

Remember, it’s not any one thing you do, it’s everything you do. Your next big opportunity might just be one marketing effort away, don’t give up!

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