Reality Check

My prospects just don’t get it; they keep buying from the competition.  Maybe someday they will wise up!

Have you ever heard this type of logic? Worse yet, are you guilty of at least thinking this? It’s a destructive mindset. If your prospects are consistently buying from the competition, your competitor just may have figured out something that you haven’t; namely what the customers want.

But you say, “We are better, our product is better.”  Maybe.  Maybe you are delusional too.  Seriously, how do you know you are better?  Do your customers or prospects know this?  Have you told them (more than once) how you can help them?  Can you prove it?  Have you sold them?

Competition can bring out the best in us, or it can just bring out a litany of excuses.  Take an honest inventory of yourself and your company; where do you need to make changes?   What are you going to do about it?


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