Give and Take

If you are only in the business of taking (business and money) from your clients and prospects you are missing a golden opportunity to give, and as a result get a much more intimate relationship with your clients.

Here are some examples of how you can give: hold a seminar where you share the unique information you and your colleagues have (not a sales pitch disguised as a seminar), volunteer for a cause your client is passionate about (be genuine), or send them an article about their business or a hobby with which they may be involved.

I had one prospect who was a graduate from a small college and I was very familiar with this college.  I also knew that there was an up and coming Indie Rock singer that had attended the same college.  I ordered the artist’s latest release and had it sent to my then prospect. I did this because I truly thought she would enjoy it, not because I was trying to manipulate her.  My prospect was so flattered that she called me and talked for about 30 minutes about the singer and her college.  She later became a client and we enjoyed discussing this artist’s music when we met.

When you give to your clients and prospects, you will set you and your company apart from the “herd” of competitors, but whatever you do – do it out of sincerity, don’t expect anything in return.

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