What will you do in the next 60 minutes?

 Do you work better under pressure? If the deadline is next week or next month – forgetaboutit…deal with it later, right? Wait until that deadline is eminent and then your productivity kicks into high gear and your mind responds with precision accuracy.

What about the other deadline, the one that is constantly looming? Each breathe you take is one inhale closer to the inevitable…that might be the next moment or it might be weeks, months, years, or decades later…we just don’t know. Shouldn’t we live our life with the expectation that “it” may come in the next moment?

There is creativity, passion, and a world of ideas in you that are uniquely yours. How much of it will you tap into in your lifetime and how much will just lay dormant? What can you do today, maybe in the next 60 minutes that will “unearth” the God-given talent you have?

Live with a sense of urgency – live with the greatest expectations of you and those around you.

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