Bring the Groceries Home!

Off to the grocery store you go.  It’s been a while, so you have to buy a fair bit to restock your cupboards.  But through careful shopping – you find some great deals!  You go to the checkout and get the total, $225…ouch! Half of your monthly budget spent on one trip.

When you get home you tell your wife, “Wow that was an expensive trip – half our monthly budget spent, but I got some great deals!”  Your wife stands there looking at you, looking at the car, and glancing at the countertop – “ah, ok where are the bags?” You look at her perplexed, “You mean I had to bring them home too?”

Look, handpicking your groceries at the store, pulling out the coupons, and then paying for the food, only to leave your purchase sitting at the store is ridiculous. But is it anymore foolish than putting in months of marketing, painstakingly executing your social media approach, wooing your prospects over lunch, dinner, and meetings and then when you are finally given an opportunity to bid on something…you delegate this to a junior staff member or give a half-hearted effort?

If you are going to market, if you are really going to pursue a client, then give it your best effort, but for goodness sake finish the job and bring the groceries in the front door.

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