The “Eyes” Have It

Several years ago, I was in a meeting with my immediate manager and the division manager.  It was no secret they didn’t like each other too much. The division manager began speaking and he focused on me…alone. I was sitting right next to my manager and she never even received a glance. I was very uncomfortable. My manager was not comfortable either because about 5 minutes into the conversation she got up and said, “I’m not involved in this conversation!” I felt horrible.

They later came to an agreement that she would be employed elsewhere.

Most group conversations are not this hostile.  But when you find yourself in a conversation with more than one person, do everyone a favor, make eye contact with the group.  Good group eye contact can be accomplished with glances and momentarily pausing to make direct eye contact with individuals. 

If “the eyes are the window to the soul,” then the way to make a “soulful” connection is to make respectful eye contact in conversation.



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