Meetings With A Point

The meeting just wrapped up.  You have two or three pages of notes, including a few doodles when that certain someone kept going on and on…

Finally, you are back in your office and can get to work.  As you pause, you think was there something I was supposed to do as a result of this meeting? You look over your notes…nothing…huh – what was the point of this meeting anyway?

We’ve all been there; meetings that suck the life out of you and the only thing you can say for certain is I now have two and a half hours less in my life.   

Meetings should have a point – preferably an agenda that is time bound. Leave the “tangents” to the mathematicians. If there are actions items, make sure they are clear, specific, and understood by all.  No one leaves without understanding exactly what they should do next.

A well-run meeting is valuable.  A poorly run meeting is a drain on the company and disrespectful to the attendees.

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