A Plan for Mediocrity

Okay, so here’s the plan. I would like you to stay on the road to mediocrity, or perhaps if I tweak my management skills I can help you achieve general incompetence. My plan also includes a steady decline in your morale and the morale of the other employees.  If all goes as planned, you will look back in ten or twenty years and say, “I never found my true passion and purpose in my career and all these years have been wasted.”

It is never easy to fire someone. But if you are a good manager and you have done everything you can possibly do to help someone, and despite your best efforts an employee is not open to correction, advice, and change,  it is the best thing you can do for them, and the others in your company.   

If you are a manager and you are committed to helping your employees grow, then you have to be willing to let them go so they can grow.

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