Who you are when you are alone, is who you are

The annual deer hunting trip with my family is always a great joy; time with my uncles, cousins, and now my son-in-law just kicking around in the woods.

At the conclusion of a four-mile hike one day I met everyone back at camp and someone asked me, “where’s your butt pad?”  This gel-filled pad allows us to sit down in the woods with a bit of comfort.  It’s usually dangling from our hunting suite with a little clip; obviously, my fell off somewhere along the way.  Dang, I would look for it the next morning.

Trekking along the two tracks I began to retrace my steps. Spotting it is not a problem, it, is like everything else is florescent orange.  But, we share the woods on the public land with dozens of other hunters, so anyone could have seen it and picked it up.

About a mile and half into my reverse journey from the day before I was getting discouraged, and then up ahead, I saw it hanging from a tree.  Another hunter had come across it and hung it in easy site for the absent minded hunter (me) to find. I was very happy to find my butt pad and etched in the dirt on the side of the two-track road, “THANK YOU.”

Honesty – it’s easy when everyone is looking, but what about when no one is looking?  Thankfully for me, the hunter that came across my prized portable derriere seat was genuinely honest, that is true integrity.

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