An Assembly Line of One

Henry Ford’s crazy assembly line idea took advantage of basic sequential organization of workers, machines/tools, and parts.  Each worker with a defined (albeit limited) job focused on their task, while others along the line focused on their task.  What we as consumers got were affordable automobiles.

What if Mr. Ford had insisted on doing each of the jobs himself; a ridiculous proposition – right?  You bet it is.  But, is it any more foolish than the micro-managing supervisor in an office?  Your effort never meets their specifications – it must be their way, no room for discussion! And so…their subordinates learn, no independent thinking, no new ideas, and nothing leaves the office without the manager’s approval – nothing.  Growth will never happen because the company is an assembly line of one.

Painstakingly hire the best people you can find.  Immerse them in your culture and make sure they know what is expected.  And then, get the hell out of the way and let them do their job!

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  1. The Ed Buzz

     /  December 10, 2011

    You’re absolutely right. I think this also happens because people will revert back to trying to do what they know and avoid doing what they don’t – like working with people. That’s one reason for micro management


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