Managing or Mentoring

You have an employee who is constantly under performing – they think they are doing fine. They come in everyday and give their best effort…only to be told, sorry, it just isn’t working out, we need to let you go.

Let’s retrace the steps you took to help them.

  1. You talked about their performance to other managers.
  2. You took detailed notes of their under performance and slotted it away in their personnel file.
  3. On at least two occasions over dinner and drinks, you told your spouse how disappointed you were with them.
  4. You showed another subordinate an example of the some of the miscues on their work.

…looks like you have it covered – nice job!

Managers  are a dime a dozen.

Mentors are a rare.

If you want to be the latter – set clear expectations and give your employees every opportunity to succeed!

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