Twenty precious hours gone

…that’s the time you lose in a year when you have one meeting a day and each meeting is delayed by five minutes because someone was late.

Meetings have a start time for a reason – okay, I’ll state the obvious; it’s when the meeting starts.

If I have asked you to attend a meeting at 1:00 pm – it’s a reasonable expectation that I will be there at 1:00 pm.  But when I don’t show up at that time, I am showing you by my actions that I really don’t care about you, I don’t care about what you are trying to accomplish, and in fact, I don’t care about what you are doing to take care of our clients. I’m showing complete disregard for that most precious and irretrievable gift: your time.

Meetings are an essential part of any organization. They help us communicate, convey, delegate, and set clear expectations. But when you are part of a meeting – get there on time, every time.


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