Job Security

If we have learned one thing in this current economic downturn it’s that you can’t count on big companies for job security – they too fail and leave employees without a job.

But look, this isn’t exactly the first time big companies have failed. Chicago Gas, Tennessee Coal and Iron, American Cotton Oil, Distilling & Cattle Feeding, and American Tobacco were five of the original twelve companies that made up the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1898.  Where are they today?  Bought out, broken up, and dissolved. There is only one that remains on the Dow of the original twelve; General Electric.

So where do you turn for employment security?  Take a look in the mirror!  You are your best source of job security.  When you expect much of yourself, when you never stop learning, when you consistently exceed the customers’ expectations you are securing your future.

The little extra steps that you take to ensure a job well done are in essence steps to secure your future in a two-fold manner.  First, you are giving the customer every reason to give your company repeat business and you also provide a basis for possible future referrals, both make the company for which you work stronger.

Second, as you consistently do a good job, you are building a solid professional reputation for yourself.  Every person you positively impress is a possible future professional reference. So even if you work for a big national company like American Cotton Oil and they merge with one of the other big cotton oil companies and eliminate your job, you have a solid reputation that will help you find work.

Daily excellence is the best long-term investment for your career.


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