Bringing Value to the Marketplace

Being smart isn’t enough; not today, not in this economy.  Now more than ever, you have to translate your smarts into a tangible benefit.  And whether you are personally looking for a job, or looking to sell you and your company, you have to look beyond your knowledge and skills.

There are a lot of people that can solve complex technical problems –

You need to translate that skill into solving business problems.

Everyone wants to tell you everything they have learned –

You need to respond to what people want and need to know.

While you may have built a better mousetrap –

You have to make sure people with a mouse problem can find you.

It’s great to be able to explain –

Where the true value comes is being able to listen.

You can impress by knowing your stuff –

You can eat when you can sell the stuff you know.

What you have to say may be important –

But it’s imperative to realize that what others have to say is even more important.


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