Something Service Providers Must Never Forget

Ask most service professionals (I happen to work in the environmental consulting world) why you should part with your hard earned money and you’re likely to get a litany of (lame) reasons

  • Our prices are really competitive (wow, that’s unique)
  • We’re really good (whatever that means)
  • Excellence is what we are all about (see above snide remark)
  • I have a Masters!
  • I have a Ph.D.!!
  • We’re experts!!!

Not one reason why someone should hire you.

But wait, I went to school and have all these degrees and have written all these books, they don’t count for anything? 

Not unless you can translate it into some tangible benefit for my business.

Never forget this basic principle: People buy for one of two reasons, 1. Avoid Pain or 2. Gain Pleasure.  Service providers are likely helping to avoid pain, our task is to understand their pain and show how we can help provide pain relief.



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