Prolifically Ineffective

Never in history have we had so many tools to communicate: email, cell phones, and social media, all provide us a means to communicate our message to individuals or masses in an instant.

And yet…we struggle to communicate basic messages in the workplace.  We often travel down different roads of expectation in the office.  We think we have clearly communicated the goal, but when we arrive at the end of the assignment we find ourselves at two very different endpoints. This often leads to confusion, anger, and finger pointing.

You told me this…

I thought you meant that…

You were supposed to do two…

I thought you meant three…

If you don’t understand the basics of communication in the first place, the various tools at your disposal will not make you a more effective communicator.  You’ll just be a more prolific ineffective communicator.

Not sure how effective your communications skills are?  Maybe you should ask some of your colleagues and subordinates. You might find a common denominator in all those problem assignments.

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