Addressing the “Issues” in Life

We had to confront him, he had a drinking problem and his life was spiraling out of control.

She had a drug problem, if we had not intervened, who knows what would have happened.

They “got it,” they had to address their addictions, their problems, their issues, or else…


What about issues of anger?

What about dealing with insecurity and pride?

How about the chronically unreliable?

How unfulfilled is a life that is unwilling to confront these “issues”?

Drugs and alcohol are obvious, they’re killers. 

But maybe we need to confront colleagues and friends, who have within them a world of potential, but you dare not correct them, they are too insecure and their pride won’t allow you to critique them.  Maybe you would ask them to be a part of your project team…if it wasn’t for the anger issues.  And when it comes to making recommendations for that promotion; well, if they were more reliable, you would love to give them your endorsement.

It’s easy to say, we’re not perfect, but are we willing to listen to trusted colleagues and friends and make that needed course correction?

What’s the alternative?


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