The Battle to Achieve Progress

The goals are well thought out, check.

The goals are clearly in the best interest of the organization, check.

If we achieve these goals, we will be a stronger organization as a result, check.

These are ethically-sound decisions, in line with the values of the organization and my own ethics, check.

And yet…I will guarantee that if you have developed your plan, and consistently and precisely execute your plan, you are going to have someone or many ones that will not be happy with your decisions along the way.

But honestly, that’s okay.

The goal is not to please everyone; that’s just a fool’s game.  Trying to please everyone will lead to no progress and failure as a leader.

That’s because some goals are going to require that people move outside of their comfort zone; this will likely be met with resistance and excuses.

Some goals are going to require that you invest time and money and you will face battles to spend either.

Some goals, well let’s face it – that’s just not how we do business here…

Being a leader isn’t about making easy decisions or popular decisions. When your decisions are well reasoned, well counseled, ethical & fair – designed to help your organization move toward the goal that you must meet – then go forward with confidence.

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