Don’t Tickle My Ears

Tickle my ears with valid sounding excuses about why one of our best clients decided to leave us in favor of a competitor.

Tickle my ears and rationalize why the rising star employee for which we had great hope, decided to give up on our company and leave for other opportunities.

Tickle my ears and tell me its okay that we are just surviving, after all everyone is just getting by these days.

Tickle my ears and tell me what I want to hear, tell me words of comfort and console me because if you told me the truth, I would have to face the brutal reality.  And that’s just not very pleasant.

If what you have been doing has not worked – then making excuses or ignoring the reality robs you of the opportunity to learn.  The value in experiencing difficult times is not just enduring it; the value comes from learning and making changes based on your experience.

Don’t tickle my ears, tell me truth – I truly want life more abundantly!

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