Leaders offer Hope

For most of us, unless we are part of a growing minority (i.e., those who can retire after 30 years on the job) we will work well into our 60s and beyond.  This side of eternity, we will spend much of our existence at work.

The truth is work can be a grind, sometimes a real grind.  But what makes that grind a little easier to endure is hope.  We hope for better pay, so we can enjoy some of the luxuries in life.  We hope for more influence in the organization, so we can affect change and feel a sense of accomplishment.  We hope our work is recognized and appreciated as we invest so much of who we are; our intellect, creativity, energy, and effort.

What if there was no hope? What if no matter how hard we worked there was no reward only criticism and condemnation? What if work offered only a paycheck? Without real leadership this can be the perception (or reality).

As leaders hope is what we offer when we set clear goals for the company, groups, and individuals. As a leader hopefully you have clear three and five year goals.  You should have even clearer one year and quarterly goals.  As you share these goals with those who report to you (and an appropriate reward system) you are sharing much more than company goals – you are offering hope, and hope is a good thing!

You can be a “boss” and bark orders, or you can be a leader and offer hope.

“What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life” – Emil Brunner

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