The Bully is Gone

As the conversation in the meeting continues, it sparks some thoughts and ideas in our head.  We begin to straighten up in our chair as we begin to get excited about the idea.  The more we think about it, the better it sounds…the idea is more than just good; heck, it’s really good!   And then there’s the announcement from the front of the room, “does anyone have any comments?”  The door is open to share our own personal epiphany…and then…and then…we chicken out (sigh).

Just as our ideas are in “full bloom,” the child in us comes out.  We’re afraid the bully in the back of the class will laugh us down and the rest of the class will join in with an echo of laughter and spit wads.

Alas, our ideas lay dormant or worse they die.  And so does a potentially really good or even great idea.

The bully is gone.  He’s in the principal’s office.  Share the wealth of ideas that are uniquely yours.

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