24 Habits & Tips

Over the years I have learn a lot from others and a lot from my own mistakes.  In no particular order, here are some habits or tips that I found helpful in my career.

1. Network (get involved with trade groups, business groups, alumni groups…)

2. Work Hard (there is always a choice the easy way or the right way – always give your best effort)

3. Work Smart (what is the most important thing on your list today, this week, month, year?)

4. Keep Learning (take classes, attend training, learn, learn, learn!)

5. Build Relationships (with clients and colleagues)

6. Help others (really help others, even when you will never benefit)

7. Be a Resource (be the go-to person at your company or in your industry)

8. Be Reliable (when you say “I will” then you better “do,” meet your deadlines, and communicate!)

9. Never Gossip (especially in front of your clients and prospects)

10. Be a doer not just a planner (if good ideas made you rich there would be no shortage of wealthy people, those that do are the influencers)

11.  Face it (when a plan doesn’t work, when it’s time to give up on a prospect, when the market is dying…)

12.  Develop a good attitude (most are not “born” with a good attitude, we have to work at it)

13.  Be adaptable and accept change (things change and we MUST change or be left behind)

14.  Take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually (the best performers have their life in order)

15. Attend to your appearance (not obsessive, but dress for the occasion)

16.  Forgive others (we offend one another, we are human. Forgive)

17. Forgive yourself (we will make mistakes, learn, make adjustments, forgive yourself and move on)

18. Be persistent (success requires a plan and persistence)

19. What do you need to eliminate? (what are you doing that you don’t need to be doing anymore?)

20. Be on time for every meeting (internal or external – it is disrespectful to be late)

21. Admit your weaknesses and improve (if you don’t think you have any weaknesses, you have at least two problems)

22. Know your strengths (use your strengths to your advantage, they are gifts)

23. Be Humble (no one likes arrogant – confident yes! Arrogant, no)

24. Be Nice (treat everyone with respect and dignity – you are not all that special)

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  1. Great list!


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