Decision Makers or Lunch Buddies?

Why is it so important to talk to decision makers?  Because they are the ones experiencing “pain.”  Your contact is three or four times removed from the real pain, he is just doing his job and all he cares about is getting his paycheck.  He doesn’t see or feel the pain, so if the pain goes away tomorrow or lingers for years wont impact his life one iota.

But his boss feels the pain.  She knows that the company’s profitability and her bonus are impacted by the pain.  She wants it to go away in the worst way, she wishes there was someone that could take this pain and make it disappear – if only she was talking to you, but you’re too busy talking to Joe and while Joe will be glad to go out to lunch with you again (as long as you buy) he will never hire you because he doesn’t even know there is pain.

Find Joe’s boss – before your competition does.

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