This is no time to be a boss

The term “boss” conjures up thoughts of Fred Flintstone’s loud mouth, screaming in your face, “do as you’re told” boss – Mr. Slately…well, at least in my twisted, heavily television influenced mind it does…

But a boss cannot make in today’s world.  We are not a do as you’re told society. We don’t produce do as you’re told products anymore and we certainly don’t provide do as you’re told services.  At least we shouldn’t, and if we do, we do so at our own peril.

The competition that understands and appreciates the value of human capital and taps into the energy, talent, and creativity of every person will likely destroy the company that is made up of do as you’re told types.

If you are a boss, it’s time to learn how to manage and lead.  If you are following orders, it’s time to think and find your own creative talents.

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