Big “Buts” Get No Respect

I really messed up this time.

I should have listened, but decided to do it on my own.

I acted hastily.

I got caught up in the emotions of the moment and was not rational.

I pulled the trigger on the assignment when I clearly should not have.

There were other people in the organization far more qualified than me to do this, but I let pride get in the way.

It’s my fault.

Wait…here it comes…the big BUT…

I messed up, but you should have told me.  I should have listened, but they knew better.  I acted hastily, but I had to do something.

When you can shoulder the blame and there is no “but,” there is no “however,” there are no extenuating circumstances, you earn that respect for which you have been searching.  And you will no doubt, learn from your mistake because you have accepted that it is you, not them who is to blame.

It was me. It was not you. It was not the committee.  No buts, big or small.


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