Why Do You Do What You Do?

Do you really still need that form to be completed by every employee each time there is a request?  Is that report still necessary and does anyone read it?  Are the third and fourth level of review helping your product or hindering your response?

What is it that you are doing today that is not necessary or is simply a waste of limited time and resources? This is not an insignificant question because the new competitor down the road, who has just opened shop, has not yet developed these habits.  They are doing business in the most efficient and profitable manner possible. They are set up to maximize the customers’ experience and minimize the hassle.

This brings us back to the mirror. Why do we do what we do and does it still make sense?

Pride needs to be set aside;  maybe that “thing” you do and that “thing” I love to do, just doesn’t need to be done anymore, it’s nothing more than busy work, and it doesn’t help our bottom line or our client.

Take a fresh look and be willing to change.

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