Pucker up Piggy

We’ve had a lot of complaints about customer service, so we are changing your department name from the order department to the customer service department.

Do we have new duties and responsibilities? Do we have new initiatives and objectives? Will we now be empowered to solve customer problems and complaints?

No. We’re just changing the name – it sounds more “servicy.”

When there are problems with an organization, when you are losing customers and profits are shrinking, you need a new plan not a new placard.  Of course, this means the senior leadership team needs to spend some time looking in the mirror and doing something about the reflection, and that just doesn’t make anyone feel good.

So we’ll put lipstick on a pig and hope no one notices, at least for awhile.

Deal with the brutal reality and make real progress, or ignore it and deal with an even more brutal reality later.


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