How About a Nice Shiny Apple?

One of the markets we work with in my “real job” in environmental consulting is agriculture. I also write about environmental issues affecting agriculture and have done research in grad school on ag-environmental issues.

One thing that is very apparent to me about today’s consumers (I’m one of them) is we have lost an appreciation for what it takes to get food from the farm to the plate. I often cringe when I hear ignorant and misinformed criticisms of agriculture. To see my soapbox treatise on this issue see my company blog.

We assume the apples will be fresh, crisp, and without blemish, the meat will be marbled to our taste, the milk fresh and wholesome, and the beans will be on sale to fit our budget. We are divorced from the process that brought “it” there. We don’t appreciate the effort that it takes to create abundant, safe, and nourishing food. We have lost the appreciation for the hard work, science, and dare I say; we have lost our sense of awe.

How about in the workplace, do we assume that the accountant will balance the books and transfer the money into our account on payday? Do we assume the support staff will do what is necessary to allow that project to off without a hitch? What about the work that is in the door? Have we forgotten what diligent efforts are put forth by sales and marketing folks to get that work in the door and on the books?

My point is…it’s good to take time and appreciate the work of your fellow employees as well as those who bring goods and services to the market. And before we jump to judgment about someone else’s work or feel we should offer someone our sage advice on how they should do their job, we would do well to remember what we knew in childhood, we are not a “know it all.”

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  1. bhahn16

     /  July 17, 2012

    Thanks for the shout-out to all us accountants! Especially those of us who process payroll for many employees – most of which get their checks as ‘assumed absolutes’ each payday!


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