I’ll get you my little pretty…

A flying broomstick to get her anywhere she needed to be in an instant, a crystal ball to peer into her rivals’ plans, and some wicked-scary flying monkeys.  Let’s face it, on paper, the Wicked Witch of the West vs. Dorothy? No contest.

So how was she beaten by a simple Midwestern girl, a gutless lion, a dim scarecrow, an empty tinman…and a little water?  She let her guard down and forgot that even she had an Achilles heel. One mistake and…

Powerful or not, we all have buckets of water that will take us down in a heartbeat; pride, jealousy, arrogance, vanity…the key is to recognize and stay away from those buckets.

You might be a little lost, short on courage, lacking some knowledge, and feeling a little empty, but there is great wisdom in recognizing your inadequacies and planning accordingly.

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