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The Wayward Journey

I attended a seminar last week by best-selling author and “get-out-of-debt” money expert Dave Ramsey. I was only able to sit in for part of the day, but boy did he pack a wallop into the brief time I was there.

The one-day event was based on Ramsey’s book “EntreLeadership,” which discusses how the best qualities of entrepreneurship (risk-taker, driven, fearless…) and leadership (visionary, charismatic, servant…) can be combined to create successful businesses, inspire teams and develop “the art of selling by serving.”

I liked Ramsey’s no-nonsense approach and the examples he gave from his own hard-knocks business experience. The Ramsey story is one of being down and out 20 years ago—dead broke after his real estate business collapsed—and then climbing out of bankruptcy to create the financial-advice powerhouse that is The Lampo Group.

No doubt about it, Ramsey has built a very marketable personal brand that includes books, a…

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Lofty or Lowly Matters Not

Your current struggle.

Your recent victory.

Your “circle” of friends and family.

Your job.

Your joys, your angst, the really big problems, your physical and emotional ups and downs…

That you are on top of the world or in the lowest of lows…

They all share one thing.

They might be grand.

They might be unimaginable.

They might just be…but

They are all temporary.  Plan accordingly.

What I Believe

This has nothing to do with sales, marketing, or leadership; rather, this post is simply the concerns of a middle-aged American.  I was a voting member of both major political parties (Democrat and Republican) at one point in my life.  Now I just want the freedom to be an American. But my beliefs are increasingly in the minority.

I believe…

  •  “These truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are still some of the powerful words penned by mankind.
  • That we bear tremendous responsibility to preserve a society in which our rights are protected from tyranny.
  • In limiting the power those of govern us.
  • As government increases, liberty, choice, prosperity, and wealth decreases.
  • In the free market and the ideas of free men and women.
  • In the generosity of individual human actions over government institutions.
  • In a safety net and not a safety bed.
  • Individual and corporate success should be admired and applauded.
  • Individual and corporate failure provides invaluable lessons.
  • We were created to work, and that our very soul is corrupted when government creates a dependency that disallows and discounts our worth.

I believe that the United States has truly been a unique place where prosperity, ideas, and freedom have flourished and that this uniqueness is in serious jeopardy…

Finally, I believe that my views are not shared by all, but I believe that a society where we can disagree is worth preserving.

It Won’t Work, So Get Started

Plan A almost never works.

Plan B only works in text books and movies.

Plan C – may be getting you closer…

…but it’s more likely modified Plan G based on tweaks from the field operations, that missing piece of data from finance, and the painful, albeit necessary, lessons from Plans A, B, C, D, & E

But it starts with Plan A. So get busy implementing the plan that likely won’t work, but is the only way to get to the plan that will work.

Zax, Onychophagy, and Owling

We are the best

We are the BEST!


Tell somebody who cares…really.

If you have the best zax in the world, I don’t care; I’m not trimming roofing slate.

That you can help overcome onychophagy, is of no interest to me, I’ve never had a problem biting my nails.

Help me with my owling problem? Sorry I don’t own any sheep.

Your message is important…to somebody…

The truth is most people don’t give a tinker’s damn about your product or service.  That’s why you need to spend an inordinate amount of time finding those who not only give a damn, but are just waiting to hear from you right now. If you advertise, use an appropriate outlet. If you email or direct mail, don’t just develop a great list, constantly maintain this list.  Use social media? This hasn’t made marketing easier; it has only made marketing more accessible.

Say it loud, say it a lot, say it with wit and creativity, but say it to someone who cares.

Marketing Consistence

I’ve actually heard people say in response to the need for more billable work, “We just haven’t spent enough time getting proposals out the door.”

No kidding, so we just need a Proposals Department, where someone cranks out bids.  Gee, I never knew business development was that easy…

Getting work in the door is a bit more complicated than sitting in front of your computer and sending out proposals, especially if you want profitable work.

Finding and understanding the various markets you want to target, understanding the challenges and “pain” unique to the prospects in this market, finding not just prospects, but the right prospects within that market, reaching your prospects with consistent credible marketing messages, and convincing them you can help relieve their pain…is a starting point.

If you want to keep work in the door, make sure you have an intelligent, consistent, and credible marketing plan at the center of your business plan, not an afterthought.