Your New Year Blueprint

Where did the year go?  It is the same sentiment every late December; twelve months have passed and we are left to wonder, did I do all that I should have or could have this past year?

As we consider the new year, and before we start with grandiose dreaming, perhaps a better starting point is to take an inventory of what matters most to us.

For me, faith and family are the most important things in my life.  So if I am considering new career or other personal goals, I should consider these goals through the lens of my primary values.  Sacrificing my faith or my relationship with my wife or that of my adult children to achieve a personal goal, is not a goal worth considering.

By all means, dream big, try something new, and paint the palette of the new year with with outrageous plans.  But do so honoring your values, and I believe you will have a year without regrets.


Choosing Wisely

We have a choice, I think.

Either the events that unfold in our life can teach us, change us, shape us, and make us better than we are…

Or we can (wrongly) assume that we have already arrived at perfection and it’s everyone else that needs to change.

One leads to frustration and regret, the other leads to growth and a life more fulfilled.