Leading In The Real World

Leading, when things are going well can be a great joy.  Those times when you have great stories of success to share with your colleagues and when in general, the plan comes together;  it is a very satisfying and rewarding time.   You,  your team, and your plans are validated!

When things aren’t going so well, when the stories are a bit tougher to tell, when your plans didn’t work, the feeling is anything but joyful – it can be gut wrenching.  The truth is, it’s just no fun to be the leader at those moments.

But being a leader isn’t just about celebrating the good times.   Who wouldn’t want to be in a leadership position if all you did was celebrate the good news and delegate the bad news.

In his exceptional book, “Good to Great,” Jim Collins writes, “Leadership is equally about creating a climate where the truth is heard and the brutal facts confronted.”  Facing the brutal facts is often times extremely painful because they may lead to painful decisions.  Making painful decisions requires fortitude (to put it nicely).   And it requires that you demonstrate that your leadership is more than words, it is decisive action.

Facts, brutal or otherwise, are just that – facts.  It’s not about blame and it’s certainly not about excuses.

When you hit that rough patch, don’t linger on the bad news; confront the reality, make course corrections and move forward…confidently.

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