What has happened to civility?

Before we had social media, “we” would discuss our differences face-to-face.  Today we post memes that struggle to include a scintilla of truth.  These short, and often vacuous, posts are more likely than not to be loaded with inflammatory language, sure to raise the ire of those who hold another view.

This isn’t debate – it’s at best cowardly.  At worst, you (right or left) are being used as an unpaid foot soldier by the political party and the wealthy to promote their message on social media.  Every share from some “independent” webpage is one more advertisement that didn’t cost them so much as a penny.

cropped-img_0009.jpgWhat is perhaps even more of a concern is that while we (the electorate) are busy attacking each other, we are distracted from the real problem: A bloated, out of control government that doesn’t reflect the limited Republic that Benjamin Franklin warned us about maintaining.

I am very concerned about the “state of politics” in the world today.  I am very concerned about loss of freedom, a federal government that is more in touch with Wall Street and the elitist than they are with “we the people.” But these emotional jabs, which lack any substance that friends are taking at one another, don’t further the cause of the country.  In my opinion, they only cause further division.

Perhaps we would all do well to meet in the town square, local coffee shop, or tavern and engage in respectful debate … face-to-face.