Lucky, right?

How is it that their business is doing so good, don’t they know this economy stinks?!

Maybe they…

  • Have a plan – and they had the audacity to implement their plan
  • Insisted on getting in front of their clients face-to-face routinely – instead of hiding behind emails
  • Are not afraid to try new ideas – and delved into social media even though they had no idea…
  • Are not afraid to face their fears – and they accepted that public speaking engagement
  • Asked older associates to share their wisdom… and asked younger associates to be part of the team

Maybe they refused to give up, give in, or hold a pity party and are determined to make a way.

Or maybe they’re just lucky.


Stop Planning and Start Doing

Business success has been approximated at 1/3 strategy and 2/3 execution.  And yet so much time is wasted on “business and marketing plans.”  It’s not to say that plans aren’t necessary, but they should provide the general direction – where you get some real learnin’ is by doing.

You can have some grandiose plans for social media, but the best thing to do is to be mindful of the timeless Nike tagline – just do it!

Once you wade in the social media pool, begin blogging, tweeting, or whatever platform you choose, you can start to see what works, what doesn’t work, learn from others, make changes, etc… You are not going to learn a darn thing by planning.

The world is shaped and influenced by doers not by planners.

It’s Just Between You, Me and the Whole World…

If you wouldn’t write it on your forehead, if you wouldn’t banner it behind an airplane, if you wouldn’t put it on a sign and march in front of your clients and friends…then don’t say it in social media!

“Bellyaching” is best left between you and your friends, spouse, or even your pet.  Hopefully, your woes and complaints are just between you and them.  But when you put it out there for the world to read, comment on, and pass along, there are no take backs.

 If you’re not sure if you should post it – don’t.