Getting to Solutions

Consensus is relatively easy to attain, especially if you are particularly persuasive or you are the boss with predetermined answers.

It’s more difficult to get legitimate dissent based on a well-reasoned argument.

And it’s a rarity to get to solutions…requiring your personal commitment, not just committing others.  Of course, this is where “things” really begin to happen.



How much?


Why not?

Is this correct?

Will you?

What are you expecting?

And if I can?

What should I expect next?

What do you think?

Will you?

May I?

…or don’t and wonder.

Ideas and Outcomes

Do you have an idea?  Do you want to make the most of that idea?

Divorce yourself from the “idea” and instead attach yourself to the outcome.  Ideas can be jealously guarded, sometimes to the detriment of the outcome.

But when you are focused on the outcome, your idea becomes malleable…in fact, it should be so malleable that when you are done beating it about with trusted colleagues, it doesn’t even resemble the original idea.

When you really focus on the outcome (whatever that outcome is) you won’t give a tinker’s damn about protecting “your idea,” because your idea becomes far too large for just you.

Take those moments of inspiration, set aside your ego, and see if you don’t come up with something truly remarkable!

Fill The Vacuum Or Someone Else Will

If nature abhors a vacuum, what do you think will happen in the absence of clear and consistent communication?

Rampant speculation and rumor?


Multiple Theories?


A potentially toxic environment?

All of your hard work to research your market, distinguish your company from the competition, find the right people, and produce the right products can be felled by poor communication.

Fill the vacuum with clear, consistent, and sincere communication.