This is life…unplanned

We spend a lifetime planning…

we plan for our education

we plan for our wedding

we plan for our family

we plan for our retirement

But most of life unfolds before us unplanned.   We live day-to-day with our family, spend time with friends, work with our colleagues, and generally go about our business.  Most of life isn’t planned…it just is.

Rather than looking forward to the milestones in life and expecting fulfillment in those events, we should plan to find joy in the present moment – where life is lived.



Our society celebrates getting stuff – a new car, a new home, winning a jackpot!

But if getting is supposed to bring such happiness, why is it the most joyful people I have ever met are givers rather than takers?

Giving of our time, giving of our heart, giving as we have been gifted, will bring real joy