How much?


Why not?

Is this correct?

Will you?

What are you expecting?

And if I can?

What should I expect next?

What do you think?

Will you?

May I?

…or don’t and wonder.


Zax, Onychophagy, and Owling

We are the best

We are the BEST!


Tell somebody who cares…really.

If you have the best zax in the world, I don’t care; I’m not trimming roofing slate.

That you can help overcome onychophagy, is of no interest to me, I’ve never had a problem biting my nails.

Help me with my owling problem? Sorry I don’t own any sheep.

Your message is important…to somebody…

The truth is most people don’t give a tinker’s damn about your product or service.  That’s why you need to spend an inordinate amount of time finding those who not only give a damn, but are just waiting to hear from you right now. If you advertise, use an appropriate outlet. If you email or direct mail, don’t just develop a great list, constantly maintain this list.  Use social media? This hasn’t made marketing easier; it has only made marketing more accessible.

Say it loud, say it a lot, say it with wit and creativity, but say it to someone who cares.

Providence Requires Action

If you didn’t have the guts to make that contact five years ago, that first project would have never been a reality.

If you never had that first project, how would they know you can solve such complex problems?

If you never solved their problem, you wouldn’t have such an enthusiastic advocate.

If you didn’t have them as an advocate, how would your new client have found you?

If they had not found you, where would you be today?

Delay no more – make that call.


Advertisement: “$500 Or Best Offer”

Haven’t you already admitted defeat? Haven’t you already said to the potential buyers, “it’s not worth $500, offer me less”?  I think it’s safe to say you have less than lofty expectations.

What about your professional services, do you have an OBO mentality? Do you go into the transaction believing you must discount your services in order to get someone to buy? Do you assume that you have to start discounting as a sales strategy?

That’s not good.

Professional service providers work very hard and are paid for their experience, knowledge, tactics, and ability to help organizations run more efficiently and profitably.

Stop discounting yourself.

We are good. We will save you money. We will help you increase effectiveness and efficiency. Here is my fee…and that is the best offer!

Don’t hide behind your momma’s skirt

If you want to communicate with someone today – you really don’t have any excuse.  You can find people anytime and anyplace…this ease of communication is  part of the problem.

You can send written communication by email, social media, text, and even fax.

But the best way to communicate is still verbally; preferably face-to-face.  Of course this requires that you pick up your phone and call. Yikes! Call?  Yep, call…

Whoa, that’s pressure!

Of course you can continue to hide behind your momma’s skirt and send that email or memo and hope to communicate your message.  Or maybe your competitor has the courage to make that call.

How important is that client or prospect anyway?

Deal With It

The only thing worse than dealing with those thorny, difficult, sometimes personal, emotional, complicated issues that require difficult decisions is…not dealing with those thorny, difficult, sometimes personal, emotional, complicated issues and leaving them to feaster with no decision.

Deal with it; don’t ignore it.

Shhhhhh – Listen

There are certain people that you really look forward to speaking with – and maybe you never considered it before, but it may be that the reason you look forward to speaking with them, is simply because they are excellent listeners.

“Listeners” are rare, but a true joy with which to converse

  • They listen and ask questions
  • They don’t interrupt you
  • They give you their undivided attention
  • They show genuine interest in what you are saying
  • They don’t try to “one up” your story
  • Their attention isn’t dictated by your position in life
  • They are genuine and humble

And what is one of the hallmarks of the best sales people?  Yep, listening…and whatever your “called” profession might be– sales, management, product or service, public or private sector, blue or white collar, profit or non-profit – you are selling!

So are you listening?



Decision Makers or Lunch Buddies?

Why is it so important to talk to decision makers?  Because they are the ones experiencing “pain.”  Your contact is three or four times removed from the real pain, he is just doing his job and all he cares about is getting his paycheck.  He doesn’t see or feel the pain, so if the pain goes away tomorrow or lingers for years wont impact his life one iota.

But his boss feels the pain.  She knows that the company’s profitability and her bonus are impacted by the pain.  She wants it to go away in the worst way, she wishes there was someone that could take this pain and make it disappear – if only she was talking to you, but you’re too busy talking to Joe and while Joe will be glad to go out to lunch with you again (as long as you buy) he will never hire you because he doesn’t even know there is pain.

Find Joe’s boss – before your competition does.


Sometimes you reach a point where the best thing to do is to say, I gave this my best effort, but it didn’t work. It happens.

But, sometimes even though it defies logic at all indicators say, cut your losses and move on, you decide to persist and do “it” anyway.

 This is the time for real growth.

Lucky, right?

How is it that their business is doing so good, don’t they know this economy stinks?!

Maybe they…

  • Have a plan – and they had the audacity to implement their plan
  • Insisted on getting in front of their clients face-to-face routinely – instead of hiding behind emails
  • Are not afraid to try new ideas – and delved into social media even though they had no idea…
  • Are not afraid to face their fears – and they accepted that public speaking engagement
  • Asked older associates to share their wisdom… and asked younger associates to be part of the team

Maybe they refused to give up, give in, or hold a pity party and are determined to make a way.

Or maybe they’re just lucky.